Webbing, elastic, rubber belts - offer

The so-called upholstery belts are a necessary element of every upholstered piece of furniture. Well made and selected, they will serve for years, ensuring comfort of use.

There are many different types of belts available on the market, made of, among others, polyester or polyamide. Depending on the material and purpose, the belts differ in terms of thickness, width, flexibility and strength.

The MAWAX offer includes upholstery belts made of proven synthetic materials, which guarantees their durability and reliability. All the solutions we propose are resistant to deformation and retain their parameters. They are also characterized by an appropriate weave, which makes them resistant to abrasion . They do not dye or discolor.

In the current offer:

  • webbing upholstery belts - made of polyester fibers, stiff and durable. Also used as transport belts or slings,
  • flexible upholstery belts - they are responsible for the proper flexibility of the furniture made,
  • Upholstery belts with braided rubber - they provide flexibility and strengthen furniture seats. Made of warp and latex additionally braided.

The width and flexibility of the belts are selected individually to the customer's needs in a specific order.

Do not hesitate and order the professional upholstery belts you need today.